Slow butterfly solution solver


When using the default test file for the outdoor airflow, the solution operates very slowly compared to the tutorial video.

I have not modified the file in any way, only toggling the booleans.

This is very weird as this is a desktop machine with an i7-4790.

Is there a setting I’m missing?

That really is not unreasonable for CFD. How many cells do you have? If you don’t know you can run checkMesh on the case folder in the blueCFD terminal.

BTW, for the number of iterations each step is taking 70seconds is quite a big number. Is this running in single core perhaps? Does it work better if you run in parallel?

Thanks for the response!

This is just the default file. So however many cells that one has.
In parallel it runs at about the same speed. It just seems weird to me that the solution in the video runs so much faster.

As an addition, running checkmesh gave me the following number of cells: 6194938.

6 million cells and 1 minute iteration makes sense in a lot of computers, do try parallel.

Running in parallel and increasing the cell size dramatically lowered runtime. Thanks for all the help!

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Hello! How you solved this problem to parallel running? I have the same problem as sometimes had you. I cant understand how to do it.