Small human scale object analysis?

I understand that Ladybug tools are based in meters for applications at the scale of architecture, urban planning, etc. Would an analysis run accurately for small human-scale objects? For example, a wind tunnel simulation for the aerodynamic design of an aero bicycle in Butterfly?

I searched the forum, but did not have luck finding a similar topic for my question. Thanks for your time if you can answer.


hi @CarefullyLarry ,

First, I want to acknowledge your understanding that Ladybug Tools relies on Rhino, and the units used for analysis are in meters. As for the Butterfly tool, it starts by using “meters” as the scale for inputting the model and generating the grid. Then it divides that grid into calculation cells. This process can be as detailed as your computer’s processing power allows. Whether it’s architecture or even cars, you can get as detailed as you want—you can even simulate a ladybug if you’re interested(It means the same scale).


Hi Zhengrong,

Thank you for the fast reply and clarification. These are extraordinary tools for design.