Solar Adjusted Temperature Error

I’m hoping someone can help me with an error I’m getting with the solar adjusted temperature component in the most recent release of LadyBug.

If I attach a point to the _bodyLocation input I get an error that reads:

" Solution exception: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘X’ "

Any ideas? It only happens if you try to change the location of the comfort mannequin from the default.

Pop (446 KB)

Working fine for me.

You forgot to connect the boolean true to runIt input.


It’s not related to the boolean toggle. The error is preventing the runIt input from working.

It only happens if the cumskyMtx input, meanRadTemp input, and bodyLocation inputs are all connected at the same time.

If instead, DirNormRad, _diffuseHorizRad, meanRadTemp, and bodyLocation are connected, then the error disappears.


There is indeed a bug.

This is what the component says:

Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘list’ object has no attribute 'X’
line 335, in checkTheInputs, “<string>”
line 1418, in script

Is not recognizing the coordinates of the input.


Hi Brian,

Hi Abraham,

I have fixed the bug, the issue was that bodyLocation accepts multiple points when you want to use the simplified method (DirNormRad, _diffuseHorizRad, meanRadTemp), but when you want to do cumskyMtx method you can use only a point.

DirNormRad Method

cumskyMtx method

I have written a simple line in the code and now it is fine. I’ll send this to Chris on Github.




Thank you for finding and reporting this bug.


Thank you for correctly identifying it as a bug.


Thanks for taking care of the bug and I have merged in your fix. The issue happened because I recently changed the bodyLocation_ input to be a list of points to make it easier for people to create simple solar adjusted temperature maps like in this example file:…

Thanks again to everyone!


You are funny … :slight_smile: