SolarAdjustedMRT and Analysis Period

Hello Ladybug Forum!

I am attempting to analyze outdoor comfort for a project and account for the solar radiation. Using Ver 0.0.62, the SolarAdjustedTemperature default analysis period is noon for the winter solstice. I would like to calculate an hourly data set for a given time period so I attempted to use the ‘analysisPeriod’ component. When connected to the SolarAdjustedTemperature, it resulted in the following error: “Local variable “analysisTime” referenced before assignment”.

I appreciate any advice in tackling this issue.

Thank you.


I cannot re-create the error on my machine. The attached file is working fine for me.

My guess is that you might not have updated your components correctly. If you upload your GH file, we can test to see if this is the case.

-Chris (397 KB)

Hi Kit,

If you give us the line number for the error that can be a good starting point. There is probably a conditional statement in the code that doesn’t let analysisTime to be set first in your case.


Hi Chris + Mostapha,

Thanks for replies. I believe it was a component version issue although I am hesitant to commit fully since I checked that the first time I rain into the error. Regardless, I did a fresh overhaul over the Ladybug and Honeybee components and it seemed to work after that. I may have had mismatching components before…perhaps a mix between the Jan26 and Jan28 updates.