Solution exception: gradient color takes exactly 5 arguments(7 given)

Hi, friends,
can you please help me with this error?

I’m trying to recall my information but, first of all, I can’t retrieve any mesh from look up daylighting component. in fact, I sometimes have this problem and usually use original mesh. but now when I’m using original mesh I get this error.


Hi farzane,

Probably, the “gradientColor(…) method” of your LB LB is not equals to “gradientColor(…) method” of LB_Recolor Mesh. But I need the file to check.

Could you share a gh file like this?



Hi farzane,

I had the same issue. The problem was that I was using an outdated version of Ladybug (VER 0.0.63 AUG_10_2016).

Updating to VER 0.0.63 AUG_25_2016 solved the problem in my case.



Dear Antonello

before you respond to my question I removed honeybee and lady bug and installed from the scratch. now I have another issue with recalling annual simulation.

I randomly get this errors

solution exception: index out of range()

                    : attempted to divide by zero

I attached gh and annual analysis files

I will appreciate if you can help me through…


95-06-21-recall annual (513 KB) (3.45 MB)

Hi Veronika,

In fact, I had an updated plug in. after reinstalling it was solved…


Hi farzane,

This issue is because you used “Honeybee_Generate Zone Test Points” with multiple surfaces instead of an honeybee zone. Only the second branch is right, thus if you select it your simulation should be fine.

I suggest that you use “Honeybee_Generate Zone Test Points” with a closed honeybee zone.



Dear Antonello

thanks a lot, it was really helpful…