Solution exception:'hb_EPFenSurface' object has no attribute 'shadeMaterial'

Hi All,

I have only recently started using grasshopper, i’ve always done things from ground zero in the past, simply building models from first principles in python. My eyes have been opened to the power of grasshopper!

However…I have been struggling for ten days with his issue now.

I am creating an iterative process which records the results to an excel file for each iteration.

The only parameter that i change is the glazing ratio across all facades of my building.

The problem only occurs with relatively low Glazing Ratios, anywhere less than 0.5, and i get this error message.

I’ve just read that it is a bug and by simply updating honeybee and ladybug will resolve it.

I have tried this but no luck.

I have also updated my openstudio several times.

I have attaced the file, any help much appreciated. (711 KB)


Your file was not up to date with the latest version on the github. Note that components cannot be auto-updated while they are disabled. See working file attached.

-Chris (618 KB)

Thank you Chris, yes I did believe it was an issue with versions but couldn’t find a way to solve it.

Nice one. Thanks for speedy reply.