Solution exception: “OpenStudio. OpenStudio ModelSetpointManagerPINVOKE”

There’s always a problem of SetPointManagerPINVOKE when I try to run an official Honeybee example of energy analysis.
It seems that there’s something wrong with the OpenStudio component
And I didn’t find any answer on the Internet. There are just few questions about CorePINVOKE.
But I think it may be not suitable for my problem.
Here are some pictures about the problem.

Thank you

If you are using hydra examples i would try to update the components. The PINVOKE issue was addressed after those examples were uploaded.
Search for this topic in the forum.

Yeah, it comes from Hydra.
So which component do you mean? The component of OpenStudio?
Or do you mean that I should program again following the example of hydra.

Use the update component that comes with LB and HB (separately) to update the components in the usercomponents folder (1).
Then use the updateGHFile to update your file (2).
See image:


Are you using any OpenStudio version after 2.5? if no, please uninstall all other versions like 2.5.2, 2.6.0, etc.
This is one of the bug that new OpenStudio introduced in its C# API. Haven’t seen it’s been fixed. I have tested until 2.6.1.


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