Solution Exception:Windows Error in Honeybee (Glare Potential Evaluation)

I’m trying to do CFD analysis and I keep getting this error while create Point in Time View based
I don’t have enough knowledge to understand the complex python script.
Have you solved? Please help me!
Thanks so much!

@chris @MichaelDonn Please tell me how to solve above error. Thanks

Kia ora @duongchan

PITView is about daylight / glare analysis at a particular point in time.

I cannot see the connection to CFD which is about air flow?

Also: you appear to have a mix of LBT v1.5 and LBT-Legacy components in your script. Even if we were to solve which of CFD Airflow/Glare you wanted to examine, mixing the two versions of LBT is not a safe way to work.

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