Solve Adjacencies and Glazing


I am a little confused with the results I am receiving. I have a model with a double skin facade. I have modeled an external glaze line and then 2 internal glaze lines that are adjacent. I have solved adjacencies on these two zones however when I look at the results for the surface indoor temps I find that I have two indoor windows with different surface values. It doesn’t look like the adjacencies are solving. Can anybody else take a look and see if I have missed something obvious? Thanks

Files attached.


Duncan (723 KB)
151113_DSF.3dm (108 KB)


You are modeling the DSF correctly and the solve adjacencies for the interior windows is performing as advertised.

However, I noticed that you mis-labeled some of the output data, though. When you want very detailed results like temperatures of individual surfaces, it is useful to label the surface with a name that makes it easy to keep track of throughout the simulation setup and result-reading. You will see in the attached file that the name of the surface shows up in the header of the “Read EP Surface Result” data stream and I used this to label your glass correctly.

Also, notice in the attached file how the inner surface temperature of each of the interior glass surfaces is equal to the outer surface temperature of the adjacent interior surface. This shows you that the solve adjacency is working correctly in EnergyPlus.

-Chris (731 KB)

Thanks Chris. Noted about the labeling - it does make it far easier to track.