Solve Adjacencies with new construction components

Hi folks,
I am having a trouble with the Solve Adjacencies component because I don’t know how to use it to set two different constructions to my interior walls and ceilings.
When I join my 7 zones (6 zones distributed into 3 floors and united by an atrium), the solve adjacencies component attributes Interior Wall, Interior Ceiling and Interior Window as default constructions to all my interior surfaces. However, I want to set a specific construction to my interior floors and another one to my interior walls. Does anyone know how to do it?

As a test, I’ve tried to join (Ground Floor 1 + Atrium + Ground Floor 2) and (Floor 1 + Atrium + Floor 2) using my interior wall construction, and then join again all the zones with my interior ceiling construction. However, the final result is that the Solve Adjacencies component attributes my interior ceiling to all my interior surfaces…

You’re on the right track. Only set removeCurrentAdjc_ input to False so it keeps you current construction for the interior walls.

Thank you very much Mostapha!!

Recently I’ve installed Ladybug 0.66/Honeybee 0.63, but I am running into a problem with the Solve Adjacencies component in this new version.
Everytime I load my GH file, this component stops working, am I get the message that I need a new version to run the component. So, everytime I open the file, I need to grab Honeybee/Honeybee into the canvas and connect it to Solve_Adjacencies in order to it work again.

Do you know what is wrong with my file?

Hi @ligiana.fonseca,
When you install or update a new version of LB-HB it updates only HB & LB “.ghuser” files in UserObjects folder.

Did you try to update Honeybee and ladybug components’ inside GH file by using Ladybug_Update File component? and save file after the update.


Thanks for helping me Omidm!

I’ve tried to update these components in the GH file already, but I ran into the message shown in the attached image. So, I downloaded the zip file from the indicated link shown in the image, unzipped it, dragged the Solve_Adjacencies component into the canvas and saved the work. But it still didn’t work.
Did I did it right? (by dragging this component into the canvas?)

@ligiana.fonseca , Download this Hydra HB_LB update Fixed.
and update First HB & LB. then, in your Gh file use the second (Ladybug_Update File).


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Thanks a lot Omidm!!
It worked now :grinning::grinning: