Solve adjacency and addHBglaze

Hi all,
I started a multi-zone building design this time, and I got two troubles on built an energy model.
Firstly, when I tried component solve adjacency couldn’t recognize some part of the interior or exterior wall, and a roof been split into a part of ceiling as well, which made the model look weird.

Secondly, different glaze on the elevation is not integrated with each zones as I hope in addHBglaze setting, it’s just unchanged and doesn’t show any results in surfaces type checking.
Any answer would be helpful! Thx.
-attached (540.2 KB)
HB-t.3dm (760.5 KB)

Did you split the faces before solving the adjacency?

Hi, Eh… I use the component HB_intersectedMasses and it works. Thanks mostapha!
By the way, I assign same size glass on zones, one recognized and the other one doesn’t, In which the side of surfaces are overlapping. Could that be fixed?

@bouri ,
If the glazing surface is not added to the zone, then it is not coplanar with the zone’s surfaces. Check to be sure that the surface is actually coplanar to within the Rhino model tolerance by using the Rhino intersect command with the window surface and the zone. You should see the outline of the window if the surfaces are actually coplanar