[SOLVED] Lookup Daylighting Folder - How to go from .res files of a grid-based simulation to lux values

Hello everyone,

I am sorry if this was addressed before, I tried looking around in the forum search before posting.

I have run a few climate-based grid simulations for specific hours of different days. In my workflow I would bake the mesh results in different layers in order to edit them later in renderings.

The issue is I didn’t save my file (duh) and lost a few mesh bakes after I came back to the office. I am trying to reproduce the results with the lookup daylighting folder component. The component works well, it finds the result files, along with the mesh, sky, epw, etc. The problem is the next step. I am not completely sure how to read the .res file. Most components are either not related to my simulation (the read annual results seem to be non compatible) or they give me errors (see attached).

I am sure I am missing something in the workflow, anyone can give me a hand?

Thank you very much in advance!

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I was about to delete it but I figured people would learn more from me making a fool of myself. I am attaching the (simple) solution to the above problem in case someone runs into it in the future.

EDIT: Ignore the explode components, those were a mistake. The rest remains :slight_smile:

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Hi Theodore!

Thanks for also posting the answer! I just copy it inside the text so it’s easier to see.