Some layers do not run Energy Simulation at different cluster levels

I recently wanted to calculate the thermal load of a unit in a residential building. Because there are a lot of components, I want to cluster them in my way. There is a cluster in the last cluster, but when I want to run energy simulation And when calculating the load, there is a problem, enter the same thing, but at the different cluster level, only the innermost layer can be successfully run, and other levels are all wrong.
Just now I copied the same components in a new gh file and made them have the same components and the same cluster hierarchy but not in this new gh file
I can’t understand why this kind of error occurred, so I uploaded my file and I hope to help me see where the problem is.

2018.4.20.3dmbak (1.6 MB)
4.20问题复制文件 (254.3 KB)
2018.4.20实际负荷计算.gh (2.2 MB)

It most likely has to do with how we pass Honeybee objects between the components. I don’t think there is any easy solution for this. :thinking:
I don’t have time to check your sample file right now but I hope someone else can do that and report if they can also recreate the error.

Well, thank you very much for your answer. I also realized that this method is very inefficient. I’m planning to change the way to avoid this problem.

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