Some result problem about outdoor wind simulation

Hi guys .
I used the example file to test whether my betterfly work well . I followed the video uploaded by Mostapha in Youtube step by step . @mostapha No running error ,OF and betterfly can work .
But the result confuse me .It seen like the pressure result and airflow doesn`t match with each other :

I didt change any setting in the example file . So , Is it the right result ? Or whats wrong with my operation?

Can you please share what seems wrong? Try plotting the velocity and see if the result is comparable with the expectation.

Sorry for replying so late .
I uesd an other laptop to run the example file , it seem the result is the same with what Mostapha had done in the video . Here is the old one compares wirh the new result I had done:

old one:

new one:

The settings are totally the same , but the pressure results are different .
What `s the possible problem ?

Here is the image of the pressure result I get . As you can see , the domain of the pressure result I got first time is 17 - 19 Pa .However , the domain result I got in another laptop is 2 - 22 Pa . So I am confuse about what `s wrong with my operation ?

Hi guys , it seen like I have found the reason .
The rhino units is no meter . When I change it in meter , it worked .