Something about EPglass material/ window material

I am about to test if there are any different between actually using THERM or using it via honeybee, first question come to me is, which glass setting approch I should go with if I am working with a very detail facade model? (like LOD400?)
I do have those parameters for that glass panel I am using for the project and I also have a glass buildup for it *8mm+1.52PVB+8mm Low-E +12mm Air space + 10mm), I checked a few component like

  1. EPGlassMat,
  2. EPWindowAirGap
  3. EPWindowMat

for what I understand so far, EPWindowMat should be the easiest as I already had the U-value, SHGC, and VT for the glass, but it also mention that is a “no mass material” which is not very accurate when doing analysis.
so I am thinking using the other approch with glassMat and WindowAirGap, in my case, should I just:

  1. using one “GlassMat” for the external layer of glass (8mm+1.52PVB+8mm Low-E)
  2. using “WindowAirGap” with thickness set to 0.012(12mm)
  3. another “GlassMat” for the inside layer (10mm)
  4. put a structural sealant and spacing into other specific materials

I am not sure if there are another way to get glass done well in honeybee but this is what I can came up with, please let me know if there are any better way to do it?

Thank you so much