Standards for interpretation


I saw the results of daylighting in some I need to know something clearly.

something like:

1.suitable daylighting for bedroom;kitchen;living room etc.

2.formulas of daylight factor;luminance;illuminance.

or something that is useful for interpret results.

please introduce some sources.

Best Regards.

Hi Sajad,

The link below does a good job explaining various daylighting metrics and how to use them. I hope you find it helpful.…

Daylight Autonomy requires a target light level, which is commonly set at 300 lux. However, different space types require different light levels. The IESNA handbook offers light level targets for various commercial space types. For example, corridors only need 50-100 lux, while workspaces need 300-500 depending on the task and building type.

For residential space types, exact light levels may not be as important as ensuring that the space feels well daylit. To make the space feel well lit, I would recommend at least 500 lux even though this is far more light than your electric lighting system will need to provide. Access to outside views and ensuring high brightness on vertical surfaces helps make a space feel brighter as well.

Thanks a lot Leland