Standart outputs to idf

In the legacy honeybee I used to request the simulations outputs with additional strings. Then started to use the 1.2 version of ladybug tools some days ago, and even when nothing is requested as outputs, the .idf file contain some defaults showed in the image. I tried to suppress it on the “ModelToOsm” script, but had no changes.
The goal in requesting the results with additional strings is filter the zones like bathrooms or laundry room for example, not useful in some cases.
From where it came and is possible to disable?

Thank you.

I found this is the input for the AFN ventilation method. Also, found it seems that even if you assign the door as operable in the door component script, the EMS conditions turns them into inoperable, with an open factor = 0.
Is it possible to change this condition in the “C:\Users–\ladybug_tools\resources\measures\honeybee_openstudio_gem\lib\to_openstudio\ventcool\control.rb?”
Am I missing something or the doors must open to run like the diagram attached?

I’m only going to answer your first question since the second one seems unrelated and should go under a new topic. You can definitely still use add_str_ to add custom outputs. If you want to suppress all of the default outputs for energy use, just plug in an empty “HB Simulation Output” to the simulation parameters like so: