Strang global radiation graphic

Hello everybody!

I got a strange result from the global radiation analysis.

The dome is with horizontal stripes. It should be an uniform gradient, right?

I attach the image.

Where is the mistake?

Thank you


Hi Marcello, Take a look at this discussion. The reason has been discussed in details.

Thank You Mostapha.

I downloaded the last file you posted in the discussion (Testfile). It works perfectly.

However if I make exactly what is in that file, but with my updated components (the latest version, updated yesterday) it gives me the same error as the beginning.

Then if i open the Testfile and i try to use some other component, i get an error message because, it says, i am using a different version of LB.

I am confused.

I attach here the Testfile, without error, but with old components, and my file (Radiation analysis), with updated components but still with the error.

Please, could you tell me what can I do to have a good result for the diffuse radiation using my updated components?

Thank you.


Marcello. (354 KB)
Radiation (375 KB)