Strange error with the Ladybug_analysis period


I get the following error in the attached script:

"1. start time and end time are identical!
I have no idea what do you mean by this!"

Could it be a bug?

Alejandro (13.2 KB)

Hi Alejandro,

Why are you conecting the HOY component there ? why are you not just connect with sliders (see attached pic) ?



Well … it is kind of a bug. If you hover the lower HOY component over the hour output you’ll see that it says 0 instead of 24 (even though the date output says 24).

The funny thing is that if you change the 24 panel by 0 … you’ll get it right … or give 23 instead (but you like the 24 hours, right?).

Ha! This looks like a bug. I would use Peter’s and Abraham’s suggestions for now. I will check this soon and will get it fixed. Thanks for reporting.

Good, thanks!

Fixed! (57.4 KB)