Strange illuminance value

I completed the 5 phase simulation with HB+ in order to verify the ASE, SDa in both condition with static blind and with dynamic blind-state.
My model has 4 window group with 4 venetian position each (open, closes 25, 45 and 60 degree. The xml file of each blind position has been create with genbsdf).
The calculation seem works well, however I tried to verifiy the illuminance value in several hours and I doscovered negative values as the attached image.

Unfortunally I cannot share the Rhino and LH files since the project is reserved

-Giorgio B.

@mostapha Is the same XML BSDF being used for the final part of the 5PM ? (I mean CdS in VTDS - VdTDdSd + CdS). If the 5PM was indeed run in order, this has to be an arithmetic error for sure.

Yes! It is the same.