Strange results from Daylight Autonomy

I am only getting a list of -1 from the results of my daylight Autonomy study. What does this mean? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi Anton,

Can you upload the file?

Can you check if the test point are in the inside the space and or the normal of the test base surface?



Its difficult to upload the file. I’ll check those points


You are flattening the testPts input, which needs the tree branch structure to read in the results correctly. Here is what you need to change to get results:

Also, in the vein of what Abraham mentioned, you did not connect the ptsVectors to the ReadAnnualResult I component, which help tell the component understand the direction it should be looking for daylight results if not directly above (0,0,1). Connecting this can ensure correct results for more diverse geometric cases:

Mostapha put up a few annual daylight examples and I suggest checking these to answer your questions more quickly in the future:…


Interesting! At least the component should give some sort of warning. This is the first time that I see this error.


Its not just flattening the inputs. There is something in the schedule causing this. I’ve opened a github issue about it.