Strange results from ladybug solar radiation analysis

Howdy folks from Texas!

I am getting some strange results from my radiation analysis on one machine that I am not getting on my other machine.

One of my machines displays this which is not what I would expect

While the other machine displays this, which is what I would expect

They are the same geometry and weather file furthermore the Rhino units and tolerances are the same. I’ve attached the file with internalized geometry does anyone have any idea whats going on?

Many thanks!

Radiation_Analysis 4.25 (488 KB)

Check the input for context geometry. Looks like in the first example you have some context geometry in the analysis.

Yep that was it, I feel silly but watch out for that in the future everyone!

I was going to say context too! Or different sky conditions. All vertical facades of the 2nd image are looking the same color of yellow = flag.