Strange results from sDA

I’m trying to simulate sDA for a small office which its south façade consist of PV panel and glass (window)(i.e. some part PV panel and some part glass) as you can see in the attached picture. I’ve defined two sensor points to get sDA . Strangely I get 100% for sDA, although part of façade is covered with PV panel so I expect some shadow inside. I don’t think this is an expected result and I don’t know what is wrong in my script. I would appreciate if someone can help me.
Thank you in advance.
picture2 planar facade- with vertical (686.1 KB)

Hi, I have opened Your file, however the file did not have any EPW file loaded so I loaded one for Warsaw, Poland and got the same result.
As I see in the file if I plug in occupancy schedule that is 100% all the time, then you get much worse result.
I am no LEED expert, but in your case you are looking only on 50% of the best occupancy time, so maybe such a big window is enough for this?