Suggestion: Assemble Octree component

Hi all,

Just want to suggest that we could use a createOctree component and make the daylight simulations components accept both hb_model as well as octrees. In that case if one has a large model, it can be reused for quick renders/ multiple simulations etc without all the conversion stuff.


And on top of that reuse the ambient cache. Thoughts…

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Hm. I think this could possibly work for some of the recipes that don’t require the creation of multiple octrees, which is pretty much all of them right now except annual-daylight and annual-irradiance. I guess the major difficulty is that the octree needs to include both the geometry and the sky. So it would essentially make the _sky input meaningless for the point-in-time recipes, for example. Is there a specific recipe that you were hoping to have this supported on?

FYI, right now, I’m focusing on getting this the following issue done, which will put us a step closer to the final Radiance files than we are right now, where we have to write out a HBJSON before getting to a folder with Radiance files:

Maybe once this is implemented, we could consider something like an octree input.