Suggestion: remove LB Versioner?


This has happened to me every time I used the versionner component to upgrade ladybug… On 3 different computers.

The work around is complete uninstall and reinstall.
I wonder if the versionner component is still relevant, and if yes, maybe should it only be used for downgrading (?).
I’ve never tried that, but it looks like upgrading isn’t working properly, at least for me. :slight_smile:

Edit: Of course this suggestion is irrelevant if I’m the only one facing this problem… I’m simply draggingthe LB versioner component out on the canvas and setting _update to True.

Hey @antoinemaesantoine ,

This is probably happening because you have some old version of the core libraries installed on your system that is interfering with the new ones that are being installed with the LB Versioner.

Installing via the Pollination Single Click installer should clear out some of these old installations. Another option is to use the EditPythonScript command in Rhino. Then go to Tools > Options and delete any of the search paths that don’t look right. If you use the single-click installer, it should look like this if it is correct:


… or, if you are using the Food4Rhino installer, there should only be one search path with ladybug_tools in it.