Sun path component is not working

I got the following error message when connecting the location of epw file to the sun path component:

1. Solution exception:‘list’ object has no attribute 'ToNurbsCurve’

Can I have your advices to debug this problem?

Thanks! (437 KB)


You need to update your file and component. See attached.

I left the old one so you can see what has been changed between versions.

Also, if i’m here, i added the recently added LB_GradientLibrary so you can pick from different color schemes (Great Chris’s new addition). See red group at the left.

-A. (469 KB)

Thank you very much, Abraham!

I shall remember to update LB&HB if a component doesn’t work.

Thank you and Chris for the gradient component which is really handy!

No problem.

Just want to be clear that the gradient component is Chris’s!! I just inserted it in your file, so you get to know it :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that the gradients are making a splash!

Thanks, Chris, as usual!