Sun Path

Dear all
i would like to make the sun path
so, how to i start the grasshopper

Hi Joyce

You can download a Hong Kong epw file by using the Ladybug_download EPW Weather File component

There are a number of ways to get this into GH but an easy way is to copy the Hong Kong shortcut and paste it into a panel in GH. Then plug that into Ladybug_Open EPW And STAT Weather Files and then plug that into your Landybug_Import EPW component as above.



where can i download?
could u send me the link?

From here…

Have you let Ladybug fly?

Try attached (336 KB)

how to let Ladybug fly?

Make sure you have the Ladybug_Ladybug component on the canvas. Output from Vviiiiiiiizzz! should tell you if Ladybug is flying. You may need to recomputed the canvas (the play button when you press down your scroller). I’m not sure why that attachment is not working.

Can you share your gh file please?

Plug in location and not latitude and it should show up. The one in the youtube video is a very out of date component.

Hi Joyce,

  1. Make sure you have GHPython installed on your system and is unblocked. Read this discussion carefully(…).

  2. Check the attached file for Hong Kong’s sunpath. There are a number of tutorials on sunpath if you google for Ladybug sunpath which should help you to get started. The one that I recorded is pretty old and the component has changed meanwhile. (353 KB)

Hi Joyce

You need to plug location into location. At present you are taking it from longitude. You can bypass the I Love NY component.