Sunlight analysis produce 0 hour artifact around the edge of the surface?

hi, I was trying to do a sunlight analysis with ladybug. kudos to mostapha for creating this awesome plug in for GH :slight_smile: I encountered a few problem trying to get sunlight analysis from simple Brep component ( 4 boxes that resembles the outline of a tower and a plane)

I got this strange result, (see attached image) 0 hour patches around the base edge of my building. this should receive the maximum hours (8 hours) and I think it is because the overlapping geometry between the towers and the plane.

is this common for newbie lady bug? any work around to deal with this?


It probably has to do with the grid resolution. Your building is covering the center of the specific grids, then the calculation gets that they are in shade all the time.

If you can, use smaller grid size.


oh you are right, that is obviously the problem, I have solved by simply trimming the base surface, so it completely eliminates that dark border.

thanks mate :slight_smile: