Sunlight hour analysis component failing after update


I’ve just updated to version 0.0.59 and my script is now broken. Most of the components I was able to update successfully. But the sunlight hour analysis component keeps failing and I can’t work out why. The error says “Too many variables to unpack”. What does this relate to and how can I fix it?



As you can see in your image the component is outdated (September 2014). If the update component didnt succeed with the update please reinsert the SolarHours component manually. It should work.



It doesn’t matter. I still get an error. This time its “max() arg is an empty sequence”. Thoughts?

It had something to do with the analysis geometry. I don’t know why. It was a pretty clean, simple brep. It is working now.

If in trouble, upload the file.


Hi Paul! Let me know if the issue happened again.