Sunlight Hours Analysis - Context Brep not picked up in the calculation


I was just trying to visualise which part of the facade receives 2 or more hours of direct sunlight. However, after i visualised it with lines from visible solar positions it appears that the sunlight is penetrating through one of the context breps. I have double checked the brep is in fact part of the calc. I tried changing it to mesh and referencing the brep straight from Rhino, still no luck.

Anyone else experienced this issue?

ThanksVilnius Sunlight (3.8 MB)

hi @taylor_zhou,

There are a few notes for your case.

The building your refer to, is part of the simulation. You are connecting the sun position with all the grid points. This is will not show you the impact of the context in your solar access simulation. In adition you are connecting all grid points to the same sun positions. In reality all rays from a specific hour will be parallel to each other therefore what you are showing is not accurate.

The building you refer to is part of the simulation as you can see by conecting the “contextMesh” output. Also another easy and fast way to see which hours are affecting each grid point is the “sunIsVisible” output.

I hope this helps.

p.s. I would suggest working on meters instead of milimiters to avoid any future problems.

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HI @Byron,
Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes I agree with the mm issue, and thanks for pointing out the ‘parallel rays’.

Is there a more ‘realistic’ way of showing the rays visually you can suggest rather than what i have done?



you actually gave me the answer in your original reply. thanks again!