SunPath output not branch?

As titled, when input multiple HOY as barnch;

  • without data input, output branched as HOY.
  • with data input, output branches got flatten, even data input as branch.

With data duplicate and flatten.

What are you doing with the Analysis Period there? I recommend just creating a single analysis period with a clear start and end.

Hi @chris

i was thinking to do multiple sun path with different period in one go. (Similar to monthly windrose, for that we can input 12 month individually and out put 12 windrose).

In that case, you should use some different base points so that all of the sun paths don’t appear on top of one another.

I did so, and the origin point is not my problem.

My question is, why the output are bunch of flat lists instead of seperate as branch when there’s data input? Without *data input" it works just fine.

Please see images in #1 post.

In other words, when there’s data input for sunpath why :
Input = Multiple Periods (multiple path/branch)
Output = flat list of all period data

Sorry that it just took me a while to understand what you were trying to do from your input file.

This happens because the list_to_data_tree method used here:

… comes into conflict with the automatic data tree creation that happens when you plug in multiple things into a single-item input. A lot of the time, this situation can be worked around by copy/pasting the Sunpath component or partitioning the output. If you feel that you really need a solution that uses a single component and you only have a single data collection that you plan to input, then you can change the data_ input to have item access and then don’t pass the outputs through that list_to_data_tree method.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @chris
Below is what I have after change data_ to item access.

For the one below I duplicate the data_ with same # of period,
but the result are not partition according to periods as well.

And this is what I currently use. Since the solar HOY is vary depend on input period,
the partition size needs to be reconstructed a bit.