Surface type error in Honeybee


I am trying to find the best angle for a light shelf, so have to evaluate different angles.

When I put 6 (shading) to srfType, it causes error,

If I try to attribute 0 (wall) to it, it doesn’t accept in low angles and if I attribute 3 (ceiling) to it, it doesn’t accept in high angles of shading,

what should I do?! (424 KB)

Hi Fahimeh,

Updating the file to the latest version fixes the issue.

I need to say that this shading element WON’T work as a lightshelf. It can be a shading device but without the properties of the Ls.

-A. (444 KB)

Hi Abraham,

As always your comment was helpful, thanks a lot,

Do you suggest I attribute it as a ceiling with reflective material?


Technically you probably can do that. E+ accepts so many silly things that you can’t imagine. But i won’t rely in the results. This possibility will become completely impredictable. Besides that any surface has a normal direction, etc, etc, etc.

In short: A lot of problems you can expect from using this as a ceiling.

Right now i can’t thing about a good alternative to simulate a lightshelf in HB.

Mostapha or Chris: Do you have words of wisdom. I’m probably missing the possibilities that can be used or implemented.


When I put 6 (shading) to srfType, it causes error"

That’s not an error. It just gives you a warning. The material will be kept as it is. An alternate solution is to apply a custom material to light-shelf.

I haven’t opened your file but if you’re trying to model a light-shelf the best practice is to run an annual daylight analysis with Daysim and connect the schedule to energyplus while having the light-shelf component as a shading object in Energy simulation.

Thanks Abraham and Mostafa,

I got it.

Problem solved!