Temperature schedule


I’m attempting to make a personalized temperature schedule for the cooling set point. Specifically, I aim to have it set at 20°C from January to April, 0°C from May to September, and back to 20°C from October to December. I’ve successfully created a schedule within the specified periods, but I’m struggling to convert it into a temperature schedule with the desired 20°C on and off periods. Is there anyone who can assist me with this?

Thank you in advance.

Attached is my Grasshopper definition.

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Apply the setpoint schedule with the HB Apply Room Schedules component.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response. However, I realize I didn’t communicate my issue accurately. I want to create a variable temperature schedule for heating (my mistake, I mentioned cooling before) that turns off from May to September. I’ve successfully generated a schedule within the specified periods, but when I replace the values with the desired setpoint temperature, I encounter the following error message, and I’m unsure how to address it. Can you assist me with this problem?

“1. Solution exception: Heating Setpoint schedule should be in Temperature units. Got a schedule of unit_type Dimensionless.”

As an alternative solution for the moment, I’ve utilized the HB set point values component to correct the setpoint since, in my initial schedule, the values are 0 and 1. Would this be a viable workaround?





The problem was associated with the input type_limit. Once I designated Temperature for the type_limit, I successfully created the schedule I wanted.

I hope someone finds this message useful.