Tensor-tree simulation in HB+

Hi all,
I am going to simulate a room with CFS in HB+ and I do have the BSDF file (XML- tensor tree).
As far as I realized HB+ simulates the high-resolution BSDF files (tensor-tree) only through DC method. Now, I wonder:

  • if there is any way to simulate the tensor-tree file in HB+ (or Radiance) through 3 or 5-phase method.
  • if the results of DC method for CFS simulation are accurate (either grid-based or image-based simulation).

Thank you,

If you are working with a Tensor Tree BSDF file only, then the DC method would be the way to go. You’d also need the Klems BSDFs for the Five-Phase Method. The accuracy of the simulation is mostly dependent on how correct the tensor tree definition is.