Termination EnergyPlus Analysis


I have different patterns with different counts and distributions as shadings and want to analyze them but my simulation is not run correctly and I don’t know the specific reason. It may cause by the E+ version, however, the only E+ version on my system is 9.4.0 but HB Legacy says that is using 9.3.0, on the other hand, LBT 1.2.0 says, it is using 9.4.0. and if the problem is from my E+ version and it should be 9.4.0 and more, how can I fix it? I hope @mostapha and @chris would help me out on that.

The error says: 1. The simulation has failed because of this fatal error:
** Fatal ** Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination.

Somehow I can run my simulation without any error by LBT 1.2.0 but because sDA is not considered in LBT yet, I prefer to do this with HB Legacy.

Pattern.3dm (21.9 KB)
Pattern.gh (828.3 KB)