Test Surfaces not rectangular

I’m trying to test the daylight on a set of circular floors, but I’m having trouble getting a good point distribution across the floors. They get distributed in a somewhat random fashion, and the resultant mesh doesn’t follow the outline either.

Is there some way to resolve this?

Maybe untrimming the surface can help?

Hi Reinier,

There are two solutions that I can think of. One is to use one of the other more advanced meshing tools in Grasshopper to generate a better mesh. If you don’t want to do that what I usually do is to generate test points using evaluate surface and color surfaces instead of a mesh. I attached an example.

testPtsOnCircle.gh (12.4 KB)

I’ve tried that, but it usually leads to a square mesh for analysis and subsequent results, which is not what I want.

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks as always for your rapid answers. I usually get the mesh directly from the architect, so any option where I don’t have to re-make the mesh would be preferred. Your solution is another good one - thanks. Is there any chance this improved point generation would be integrated into HoneyBee?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Reinier,

I personally don’t want to get into writing a meshing algorithm but in case there is an open-source library that we can use, meshing is definitely one part of Honeybee and Ladybug that can be improved! There are couple of really advanced meshing plugins for Grasshopper and maybe I should approach one of them and ask for help. :slight_smile: