TestingRValues FromOpenStudioLibrary

I’m new here and don’t know if my issue need to have its own topic, but I’m new to therm and don’t know what the error mean/what I should do about it. I’m following the “Honeybee THERM workshop” on Vimeo from 2016 and my component turnes red as soon as I open the attached files of that course
Error: 1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable

@chris do you know what I can do?:slight_smile:

Hi @Hanna,

First of all you are running a verry old version of honeybee.
I tested your workflow with legacy version 0.0.66. Connecting the epw output to the stat file input gave an error there. I guess this could be the problem.

it worked out! thank you so much!