Texfunc Material


I am exploring Radiance materials on Honeybee.

I would like to simulate half transparent materials like cloth and poly carbonate.

Dose anyone know how to do it?

I read the article about mixfunc (here) and tried same process but I couldn’t add texfunc material on honeybee library.

Material I made is below;

void texfunc gran_tex
4 gran_dx gran_dy gran_dz C:\Radiance\lib\plink.cal
gran_tex glass granular_glass_6
3 0.982 1.0 0.987

and the result I get is ;

  1. Solution exception:Invalid integer literal

any ideas?


Mostapha would know more about this issue than I would but I can tell you from the error message that HB is does not seem to be built to read material types that are longer than 4 lines right now. I am sorry that is not so helpful. Is there a reason why you could not model your material with the “Radiance Trans Material”?


I think you are getting an error because your material has ‘strings’ in it. I looked into the Honeybee source code and found this line:

            while counter &lt; len(materialProp):<br/>                    counter += int(materialProp[counter]) + 1

The int(materialProp[counter]) requires that the materialProp[counter] be a number. Simple radiance materials are usually of the format … void plastic box 0 0 5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.2 0.1 . So everything after the ‘box’ is a number and the code works fine.

If you have a complex materials with terms like ‘grand_dx’ ‘gran_dy’ etc, the Honeybee code will crash as it tries to convert text to numbers. However, I think there should be a workaround. Can you share the gh file for your project ?


Thank you for your replay. I would like to simulate a material like attached image.


Thank you for your replay.

I attached my definition. Please check it this.

materialtest.gh (68.3 KB)

I am not sure if you can add a complex material to Honeybee library. However, I might be completely off as I don’t have enough experience with it.

If you are comfortable scripting directly into a rad file and using radiance then you can make it work. I tried some very basic renderings with your material…( I did not change any parameters). See below. The ones with the grainy images are with the texfunc modifier.

Hi Ryosuke, Honeybee material parser currently doesn’t support materials with modifiers. I added an issue to fix this soon (https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/issues/354).

This is fixed!