The frequency of use of the building and the problem of heating and cooling schedule

there are two questions:

1.In LB and HB, where is the frequency of building use set in winter or summer?Is it set according to the set schedule?

2.How to set the cooling and heating schedule according to the actual time period of use

HELP :joy:


  1. building use - I guess you have to look at the program -> schedule, - this is where we define all assumptions… remember you can always set your own schedule

yearly schedule visualisation:

  1. heating and cooling will be control by HB Setpoint temperature so please make sure you will set up correctly.
    ie. if you want to force heating to specific season => in Germany district city heating is turn on - if the average daily outside temperature is < 16 degC over consecutive 5 days. So you could check the external temperature and find starting day for heating, so when you set schedule start heating set point from this point…

I am very appreciated for your answer! thank you
I have learned to set the schedule for the whole year. Now I want to set the heating schedule from November to March. Do you have any suggestions?
this is my picture:

But doing so can cause the program to fail to run,i dont know how to do next…

  1. Failed to find FRACTIONAL in the Honeybee schedule library.
  2. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable

Excuse me, I may not have explained the first question clearly.

I want to set the frequency of use of this building in the whole year or in winter. Could you please tell me where to set the parameters?

For example, in the winter, the building is used 20% of the time in winter :cry: