The issue about indoor solar radiation analysis

I have been study Ladybug tools for 1+ year. I knew ladybug can calculate the solar radiation distribution of the facade.And I also knew the honeybee can indoor solar radiation using EnergyPlus.

Recently I am involved one project and the client want to know the mount of the solar radiation through the skylight of the atrium .I want to calculate grid-based indoor the solar radiation distribution. This calculation should consider the transparent of the windows. The DIVA for Rhino can do something similar.

So guys, can we accomplish the calculation using ladybug tools ?

Of course @minggangyin,
Honeybee has a complete set of tools for [day]light calculations.
See this example (change the type of simulation in the grid component).

Does this not work for you? Grid based radiation recipe in Honeybe Legacy. (509.4 KB)

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Yeah. Thanks @devang. You solved my question perfect. The image and the grasshooper file is exactly what I want to do.

Check this if you are looking for an annual study.

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