The output results are duplicated

i would like to have an energy simulation for the district, where there are about 140 footprints and unique. When i try to create a model from footprint via Dragonfly, i discovered that each footprints is duplicated 140 times. As some of the footprints are not determined, which have not give the definition yet, will it affect the result? thanks.

Hi @yinlong,

This is probably because you have flattend the the input.
afbeelding (12.6 KB)

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thanks for your solution, i would like to ask for another question. i have met the following problems:

  1. Solution exception:Input must be a text string. Got <type ‘NoneType’>: None.
    does it mean the model must not contain the undefined (no name is given) footprint for creating the model?

This is very little information, but it could be because of the construction input.