The problem of Installing Honeybee

Thank you for your excellent work! I have installed honeybee and ladybug. Both of them showed they are flying, but the logo of honeybee is still yellow. What is wrong? Is it work?

Hi Han, click on the orange balloon to read the warning massage. It is more likely that you don’t have one of the engines (Radiance, Daysim, EnergyPlus8.1) installed or Honeybee cannot find them.

Hi Mostapha, thank you for your help, the problem has been solved. However, when I run the energy simulation component, it shows six warnings. What should I do to solve this problem?

Hi Han, Looks like you are using and old version of libraries. Can you follow this note:

If you are experiencing any issues with downloading gendaymtx, OpenStudio libraries and other Ladybug and Honeybee files, you can download all the files from this link as a .zip file and manually extract it to Ladybug folder: (

You can find ladybug default folder by checking the output of Ladybug_Ladybug component. It should be c:\ladybug or C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug depending on your user permissions.

Hi Mostapha, thank you for your help, the honeybee has been installed correctly. However, there are some new problems when I run the energy simulation component. First, when I run the honeybee energy simulation component, some geometry components of the model are lost as shown in figure 1. Besides, the read EP result is lack of total energy, cooling, heating data, as shown in figure 2. The output of the simulation process is shown as figure attachment text. Thank you for your help.

simulation record.txt (116 KB)

Hi Han,

I need to see your file to be able to answer to this questions. Are you asking for heating and cooling loads before running the analysis? and are your zones conditioned? I assume in case of the latter it should still return heating and cooling loads but they will be 0.


Hi Mostapha,

Thank you. I forgot set the zones be conditioned. The problem have been solved. Thanks a lot. Honeybee and ladybugs are really excellent tools!

Nice! Thank you for letting me know.