The relation between radiation results and the geometry

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I use the Ladybug Radiation Analysis component and I get the radiation results(not the total result), it is a series of numbers, also the radiation is plotted on the geometry, but how can I find out which result corresponds to which mesh(or which part) of the analysis radiation?

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Hi Zhonghao,

You can deconstruct mesh on your analysis mesh and iterate over the faces. I believe that HB will assign values in the same order as the mesh face order.

Of course some times GH’s ordering is a bit weird and I’m having also issues with this in cases where I want everything to follow a specific direction, e.g. x1y1, x2y1, x3y1, …, xny1, x1y2, x2y2, x3y2, …, where x, y are the length and width of the mesh.

I wonder if Mostapha/Chris have an idea on how we can rearrange this with native GH or how we can have HB manually setting the order in this structured way.

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In addition to Theodoros’s reply, you can also show on screen the results besides each surface.

See image:


How can I show the results on each surface?

Is the component also from Ladybug?Sorry, I am quite new at it .


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really thanks for your reply.

I will try it .

See attached example.

-A. (401 KB)

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