The simulation is working,but the results seems wrong! Who can tell me where it is wrong?

Outdoor wind (548.3 KB)

Hi @Clement_Xiang

What are we looking at here? Is this pressure or wind? It’s generally easier, and really more informative, to assess results with wind velocity.

Kind regards,

This is wind speed!But the result seems wrong!I give you another picture to show the problem.The vectors of wind are same direction.

A few things that I feel might be happening here:

  1. Simulation run with laminar flow (no turbulence, hence straight wind arrows?). Not sure this is it.
  2. You are previewing time 0 or a time without real results.
  3. You aren’t previewing wind perhaps and there is no vector component? (pressure would look like this). Again, probably not cause you checked.

Are there result folders in your bf case folder?