There is no change in the mesh after i run SnappyHexMesh

the mesh haven’t increased comparing to the block mesh.and i tried a few ways such as: turn off decomposepardict scotch,change the name of the tunnel,restart the rhino and GH. just didn’t work :worried:

Time = 0
→ FOAM Warning :
From function bool Foam::IOobject::readHeader(Foam::Istream&)
in file db/IOobject/IOobjectReadHeader.T.C at line 88
Reading “c:/Users/90641/butterfly/Word/0/ABLConditions” at line 11
First token could not be read or is not the keyword 'FoamFile’

Failed to read C:\Users\90641\butterfly\Word\log\reconstructParMesh.err:
[Errno 2] 未能找到文件“C:\Users\90641\butterfly\Word\log\reconstructParMesh.err”。: C:\Users\90641\butterfly\Word\log\reconstructParMesh.err
Failed to read C:\Users\90641\butterfly\Word\log\rm.err:
[Errno 2] 未能找到文件“C:\Users\90641\butterfly\Word\log\rm.err”。: C:\Users\90641\butterfly\Word\log\rm.err