Thermal comfort analysis not working

Hi there

I have been getting now for my last 4 models over the last 3 weeks the same issues: I cannot get a thermal comfort analysis done and always get the same failure message:

Going into the task visualizer I get the following failure message for the adaptive map:

I have done over 50 other projects successfully and also tried to just copy in the old ways of setting the PMV and adaptive comfort maps up the same way to see if I made a mistake there. The annual daylight analysis works fine on the same grid model.

Can anyone please tell me what it could be (by the way: different cities were also used in different projects with the same issues). Also, I de- installed the ladybug tools and reinstalled them and it still has the same issues.

I work on Rhino 7 with Open Studio 3.5.1
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much


Hi @Michael ,

Thanks for reporting the issue and this smells like a bug given that the step of the simulation where it’s failing is an odd one. It likely has something to do with some advanced construction you are using (perhaps a dynamic window construction or something like that).

Can you upload the log file that’s at:


That will allow me to see exactly where it is failing and I’ll hopefully be able to push a fix.

Hi Chris

thank you so much for looking at this. As said, annual loads, daylight and OSM all work fine in the model. Here the log file…

logs.log (217.0 KB)

Thank you Chris


Thanks, @Michael .

The log file is very helpful. From the message, it is very clear that the recipe is failing because there’s a negative window transmissivity being computed for one of your window constructions:

I think I have been able to recreate something that mimics the error if I set the transmittance to a very, very tiny non-zero number (eg. 0.0000000001). So I am guessing that your model has a window construction that basically has zero window transmittance but this is being rounded so something that is just above zero. I pushed a fix for this case:

… and the fix is now available via the LB Versioner.

If you still get the same error after running the Versioner and restarting Rhino, please upload either the HBJSON model that is failing or the Grasshopper file that you are using to make the Honeybee model.

Hi Chris
thank you so much for looking at this- I really appreciate it. You were right, all fixed.
Superbly running again as always, thank you again!!!


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