Thermal zones with adjacency solved can't be processed by Select by Type component

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It seems whenever I connect the thermal zones with adjacency solved to the Honeybee Select by Type or Honeybee Decompose by Type components, Rhino will crush and quit.

If I skip the splitBuildingMass component, then the processing works fine.

May I ask if it is because there are too many thermal zones (308 in total) which Honeybee is not able to handle?

Thank you for your advice in advance!

typology_v011 - (542 KB)

I love to give this a try once I get a chance. Since I have done a simulation with more number of zones with Honeybee I don’t think number of zones are a real limitation. I assume it is too much for GHPython component to handle since decomposeZone component input is accepting items and not a list. Have you tried to select a number of zone and connect them to the component? Like the first 40 zones?


thank you very much, Mostapha!

using a simpler geometry in the attached file, it seems the Decompose By Type component can accept a list of thermal zone as input and it works fine.

I assume it is geometry I was using in the last file that is causing the problem. But I don’t know why and how to correct it.

Hope you can kindly advise by trying the file I attached.

Thanks a lot!

typology_v011 - (540 KB)

Hi Grasshope,

I’ve looked at your file. This is an issue for the Rhino team. I’ll write to them and get back to you.


Dear Anton, thank you very much!

It seems there’s not much we can do for this matter currently …

I wonder if the problematic honeybee thermal zones can still be used for downstream energyplus simulation, if we bypass the decompose by type component. Anyway, it is the final results that we want to get.

IMO, there is still work that we can do by changing the structure of the component to be List Access instead of Item Access. That will make it work faster and hopefully avoid it from crashing.

If the analysis runs with no issues then you can bypass this step. This component is only for quality check purpose.

Hi Mostapha,

I bypassed the components for thermal zone check and connect the zones directly to the energyplus simulation component, and sadly, it doesn’t work.

So, it seems that the zones generated from the splitBuildingMass component in this case are problematic and unusable for either visualization or simulation …

If I bypass the splitBuildingMass component, then each floor will be an single thermal zone which may lead to inaccurate results.

Do you have any advise on how to subdivide the zone for each floor into perimeter zones and internal zone without manually creating them.

Thanks! (580 KB)

Hi Grasshope,

Sorry for not being able to check your file. Give me some more time so we can push the release out and then I can start checking this file and the other discussions that you have posted this week.



Thank you very much, Mostapha, for your kind help!

I really appreciate it!

Hi Grasshope, Is this still a problem or you have solved the issue?

Yes, Mostapha, I still have this problem.

I just tried the original file I uploaded above with all components updated, and the issue is still there: zones generated from the splitBuildingMass may cause Rhino to crush when connected to components for zone visualization or simulation.