Three phase method – vertical blinds error slat angles > 90 degrees



I try to simulate vertical blinds with four slate angles: 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees. I made BSDF-files with LBNL-window. Three of the four states seem to run correctly, but in case of 135 degrees (state [0,3] the results don’t seem to be ok. The shading system seems to be not present at all. I check the illuminance values.


@Sarith (thank you so much) helped me to check the BSDF-files and they seem to be ok. At the moment, it seems that there goes something wrong during the 3-phase method. Could someone help me to find my mistake or does anyone recognizes this problem?

BSDFs_15_5_2019_Kim.rar (646.2 KB) (632.8 KB)

Kind regards,
Kim Bodde