Time with minutes

Hello Mostapha,

probably a simple thing. What’t the way to use minutes in the Ladybug Sunpath and Analysis Period components? Thank you.


Hi Francesco,

In case you are using hour, day and month, use a float number for hour (e.g. 6.5 = 6:30).

If you are using analysis period to generate the sun positions then change the timestep.


Hi Moustafa,

It is working when using hour, day and month.

but is not working when using analysis period component

What’t the way to use minutes in the analysis period component?



Hi Khaoula, Can you tell me what are you trying to achieve? Why do you need to use analysis period in this case?

I need to calculate solar radiation from 5h to 19h40

The image I posted was just for testing


Hi Khaoula, You need to use radiation analysis component for that and then generate the sky for 5-20. The timestep for sky is hourly.