Times of the pop up of cmd.exe

Hi all,

It’s not exactly a problem but I got a confuse that during most of my simulation the black window of cmd.exe will pop up three times, while in the example files there is only one time’s pop up.

Can anyone explain to me if it’s because the settings or the models?

Thanks for the feedback.

Depends of model really. In most cases, you don’t need to worry about it.

Hi devang, thank you for the reply. Another thing I’m not sure if it’s related is that the result of the hourly data of the year( usually around 8760) is also tripled.

This looks like a tree (A list of lists) and not a list. Therefore, the length is more than 8760. Mostly, this list contains values for all the zones in your model.

Hi devang, can you help to check the file cause from the chart it also shows three repeated groups of data. I changed the time step to monthly so it’s more clearly. Many thanks
DS0402.gh (619.5 KB)

You are connecting the geometry of the north sign to the north input instead of the value.



Hi Abraham,

This solves the problem. Thank you for the help.